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Advice For People Facing Federal Drug Charges in Michigan

Facing federal drug charges can be a terrifying, stressful situation. One day, everything in your life was going all right; the next, you are looking at years behind bars in a federal prison. At Grabel & Associates, our federal drug attorneys have worked with hundreds of individuals facing drug charges, and an important piece of advice is to stay calm following an arrest or a notice of an investigation by federal agents. With the help of experienced and aggressive drug crime defense attorneys, there is hope for your case.

Whether you’re under investigation or have already been arrested, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is knowledge of federal drug laws. Remember to employ your Constitutional Rights, and make sure to work with a trusted attorney as much as possible. To contact the federal drug attorneys at Grabel & Associates for a free consultation, call our Lansing, MI office today by dialing 1-800-342-7896.

Use Your Right to Counsel and Seek Out a Qualified Attorney

The moment you discover that federal agents (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc) are investigating you, you need to employ your right to remain silent and seek out a qualified federal drug crimes attorney. The criminal process is quite different at the federal level than it is at the state level and you need an attorney who is well-versed in federal drug laws; a regular criminal lawyer (who only has experience in state courts) may be unable to properly navigate the complicated and high-stakes federal law process.

For instance, if you’re facing federal drug charges, your attorney should be able to litigate any constitutional issues related to the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. As federal agents often use wiretap evidence, co-conspirator evidence, and information from confidential informants, your attorney should also be able to litigate these issues with deep knowledge of Title III of the 1968 Omnibus Safe Streets and Crime Control Act (among other federal laws).

Understand Your Constitutional Rights

In addition to getting a qualified and experienced federal drug crimes lawyer, you also should know how to use your Constitutional Rights. The first, and perhaps the most important, is your right to remain silent. Remember, it’s always in the federal agent’s best interest to get you to incriminate yourself. Never discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer; this includes cellmates and friends.

Furthermore, federal agents must respect myriad other Constitutional Rights. For instance, the Fourth Amendment gives you the right to be secure in your person, property, and home. Federal agents need the proper warrants, documentation, and procedures for searches, stop-and-frisks, wiretaps, and other forms of surveillance.

Understand Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug laws are much different than state drug laws. A major difference between the two is the severity of penalties involved. In general, a federal drug charge will carry longer imprisonments and larger fines. Some of the most common federal drug crimes include:

The potential sentence that you are facing depends on the amount and the type of drug, as well as several other factors, such as:

  • Whether the offense harmed another person
  • Whether there was a weapon involved
  • The criminal history of the accused

Know the Federal Drug Crime Process

When arrested for a drug crime by federal agents, you will be told by the government that federal charges are being filed. Additionally, you may be detained in federal custody for up to 72 hours until the preliminary hearing. Your attorney may ask for a continuance of the custody in order to better prepare for the preliminary hearing, as this is your first chance to present your case to the federal government. Keep in mind that, during the preliminary hearing, the government’s burden of proof is quite low; they just need to show probable cause at this point.

Following the preliminary hearing, you will also have to go through a detention and bond hearing. The judge may determine your bond by looking at your criminal history, your ties to the community, the nature of the charges filed against you, whether you’re considered “dangerous,” and whether there were victims involved in the alleged crime. To potentially increase your chances of receiving a bond, it may be helpful for your attorney to call character witnesses during the hearing.

The other steps of the federal drug crime process may include:

  • Discovery
  • Plea Bargaining
  • Preliminary Hearing
  • Pre-Trial Motions
  • Trial
  • Post-Trial Motions
  • Sentencing
  • Appeal

Seek an Experienced Federal Crime Attorney

One of the most important decisions you can make is your choice of a federal drug crimes attorney. Federal drug crimes are very serious matters, and so you should take the time to choose your attorneys wisely. At Grabel & Associates, we boast decades of experience in federal courts, and we understand what it takes for federal prosecutors to successfully convict an individual. Our drug crime attorneys will work diligently, around-the-clock, to build a strong and comprehensive defense. Our goal is to achieve a not-guilty sentence or dropped charges; if the evidence is truly stacked against you, we will push for alternate or reduced sentencing.

For a free, emergency consultation with the attorneys at Grabel & Associates, call us now at 1-800-342-7896.

With drug crime defense attorneys statewide, Grabel & Associates defends people throughout Michigan charged with possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, cultivation and illegal prescription drugs.

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Just starting the case. Scott Grabel is a very down to earth kind of guy. He doesn't rush you and answers your questions very thoroughly. Scott and Tim Doman return calls quickly. We're still early but I will post an update throughout our process. D. J.
Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Great job Tim, Scott, Daniel very aggressive and knowledgeable They always call you back if you have questions even after hours the best outcome I could've hoped for thanks again R. E.