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Anabolic Steroids Drug Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney for Those in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Throughout Michigan Charged with Anabolic Steroids Drug Crimes

In the United States, the use of anabolic steroids is illegal, although this is not the case in all countries. These steroids enhance or "speed up" the bodybuilding process, commonly referred to as “doping.” The use of these drugs has been seen numerous times in athletes competing in the Olympics, as well as in baseball players and other sports arenas. As highly regarded Michigan drug crime defense attorneys, the professionals at Grabel & Associates know that individuals are often arrested for possessing these controlled substances, with or without intent to deliver or distribute them.

The possession of or possession with intent to sell or distribute anabolic steroids is a criminal offense considered a felony by the federal government as well as most states. Additionally, these substances are placed in the controlled substances category under most state laws. Individuals who are convicted of a crime involving anabolic steroids will face substantial penalties, including monetary fines and jail/prison time. In 1990, the Federal Anabolic Steroid Control Act was enacted; in 2004, Congress expanded the enactment which essentially led to these steroids being classified as Schedule III drugs. Other drugs classified in this Schedule include narcotic painkillers, LSD and barbiturates.

Michigan Penalties for Drug Crimes Involving Anabolic Steroids

On the street, anabolic steroids are often referred to as "juice," "stackers," "gym candy," and "Arnolds." Without a valid prescription, even the use of these substances is illegal. These steroids enhance endurance, increase muscle strength and size, and lessen the time necessary to recover between workouts, all reasons that so many athletes have used them. The effects are similar to those produced in individuals who take testosterone, a male sex hormone.

The penalties for possession or possession with intent of any controlled substance classified as a Schedule III drug are severe, including those for anabolic steroids. Even when it is your first offense and you are found guilty of possession, you may be sentenced to up to one year in prison in some jurisdictions, and may face fines of up to $1,000.

If you are convicted of anabolic steroids possession and have previously been convicted of one or more crimes involving drugs, sentencing will become even harsher. For example, if you have one prior drug conviction penalties may increase to up to 2 years in prison and/or fines of up to $2,500. Two or more prior drug crime convictions expose individuals to a possible 3 years in prison and/or fines of as much as $5,000.

Possession of anabolic steroids with intent to distribute, deliver, sell, or manufacture subjects the accused individual to extremely serious penalties and sentences may be enhanced depending on a number of factors. If it is your first drug offense, you may be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. However, if someone uses the steroids you delivered or distributed and their use results in death or serious bodily injury, you may be imprisoned for up to 15 years and fined up to $500,000.

Additionally, if you are a business entity the fine you may face will be substantially higher, possibly as much as $2,500,000.

If you are convicted for distributing, selling, or manufacturing anabolic steroids and you have previously been convicted of a felony drug crime, you may be imprisoned for as long as 20 years, or 30 years if the crime resulted in death or serious bodily injury for the user.

As with all other drug crimes penalties increase due to circumstances such as whether the crime involved a minor, or the offense occurred within close proximity of a home, church, school, park, or business.

Contact a Talented Michigan Anabolic Steroids Lawyer Today for Vigorous and Effective Legal Representation

Today, police and prosecutors are cracking down hard on all types of drug crimes including the use, possession of, or intent to distribute, manufacture or deliver anabolic steroids. Without the legal support and guidance of a skilled and competent Michigan drug crimes defense attorney, you could find yourself behind bars for many years and facing steep fines, not to mention a criminal record and ruined reputation.

We delve into each client's case and analyze the situation thoroughly in order to determine the best possible defense strategy, or discover whether there may be alternative solutions. Our primary objective is to keep you out of jail, and help put your life back on a positive track.

At Grabel & Associates, we believe in being available for our clients 24/7. Call our office today at 1-800-342-7896 to speak with our experienced case analyst, or to set up a free evaluation using our online contact form to discuss your case with one of our expert drug defense attorneys.

With drug crime defense attorneys statewide, Grabel & Associates defends people throughout Michigan charged with possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, cultivation and illegal prescription drugs.

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