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Heroin Possession

Aggressive Drug Possession Attorneys for Individuals Charged with Possession of Heroin in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Throughout Michigan

Individuals who have been charged with possession heroin in Michigan face serious penalties without the support and guidance of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Even if you have not yet been arrested but are under investigation, it is critical you take action early on in order to obtain the best possible outcome. As widely recognized and respected Michigan drug possession defense law firm, Grabel & Associates is dedicated to providing every client with an effective, vigorous defense and securing positive results.

Heroin Possession Charge in Michigan

Heroin is classified as a Schedule 1 drug; those that fall in this Schedule are considered to be most addictive, abused, and dangerous of all. A conviction for possession will leave you facing harsh penalties, including a lengthy stay in prison. This is why it is urgent that you protect your freedom by consulting a talented attorney.

In Michigan, the use of heroin is on the rise; street names for the drug include Smack, Mud, Dragon, Big H, and Dope. Originally promoted as a cough medication, heroin quickly became an addictive drug as users became more tolerant of its effects, requiring higher on more frequent doses in order to experience the same level of high. Because of its addictive tendencies and the dangerous risks of an overdose, law enforcement crack down hard on individuals suspected of heroin possession. It is highly advised that individuals who struggle with an addiction to heroin get the help they need before it is too late.

There are many different methods users use to ingest heroin, including snorting and injecting. Individuals often heat up the drug and inhale its vapors. Smoking the residue that remains on an inhalation tube after heating it is also common, a method of ingestion known as 'Chasing the Dragon.'

Heroin remains in the bloodstream for a significant period of time, and is easily detected in the blood or urine through testing. When an individual fails a drug test for heroin, the consequences may be probation or a prison sentence. Because Michigan law enforcement officials and the courts crack down aggressively on those who possess heroin, it is critical that you choose a Michigan drug crime lawyer who will provide a vigorous defense and explore every possible legal option.

Michigan Heroin Possession - Criminal Penalties

In Michigan, heroin possession is a drug crime which is classified as a felony. Felony offenses are typically punished more severely than those considered misdemeanors. The punishment you face if convicted for possessing heroin will depend on the amount of the drug involved along with other factors.

  • Less than 50 grams of heroin - Fine of up to $25,000, up to four years in prison, or both.
  • 50 grams to 449 grams of heroin - Fine of up to $250,000, up to 20 years in prison, or both.
  • 450 grams to 999 grams of heroin - Fine of up to $500,000, up to 30 years in prison, or both.
  • 1,000 or more grams of heroin - Fine of up to $1,000,000, potential life in prison, or both.

Other factors that may affect the penalties you face include whether you have a prior drug conviction, and whether you were in possession of the drug near a church, home, school, park, or business.

Not only will you face the penalties described above if convicted, your driver's license may be suspended in addition.

An Aggressive, Dedicated Approach to Positive Results in Michigan Criminal Drug Cases

At Grabel & Associates, our #1 priority is protecting our clients from serious and life-changing criminal penalties. Our years of experience and a diverse team of attorneys specializing in very specific aspects of criminal law make us successful in securing positive results for our clients.

We understand how prosecutors work; our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the various tactics used by both police and prosecutors make us even more effective in defending our clients' rights. We explore all sentencing options in an effort to protect your freedom, and prefer sentencing that focuses on recovery rather than incarceration and other harsh criminal penalties.

Contact Our Michigan Drug Crime Defense Team Now

We have successfully defended thousands of clients accused of heroin possession and other drug crimes. Our experience, skill, dedication, and vigorous approach afford our clients the opportunity to have an outstanding legal team on their side.

If you desire to stay out of jail and want a Michigan criminal defense firm whose results are unsurpassed, call us immediately at 1-800-342-7896. Whether under investigation or already charged with heroin possession, Grabel & Associates is the team to choose for outstanding results. Contact us online for a free consultation.

With drug crime defense attorneys statewide, Grabel & Associates defends people throughout Michigan charged with possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, cultivation and illegal prescription drugs.

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Just starting the case. Scott Grabel is a very down to earth kind of guy. He doesn't rush you and answers your questions very thoroughly. Scott and Tim Doman return calls quickly. We're still early but I will post an update throughout our process. D. J.
Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Great job Tim, Scott, Daniel very aggressive and knowledgeable They always call you back if you have questions even after hours the best outcome I could've hoped for thanks again R. E.