Maintaining a Drug House

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In the state of Michigan, maintaining a drug house is illegal. An individual, who is suspected of drug activity such as maintaining a location where illegal drugs or controlled substances are kept, sold, or used by others such as a home, building, store, or other structure, or even a vehicle, may be arrested for maintaining a drug house. Even if an individual is not actually charged with this offense, he or she may still face a civil fine of up to $25,000 if penalized by the state.

If you have been accused of or arrested for maintaining a drug house, it is important that you speak with the Michigan drug charges defense team at Grabel & Associates. We realize the serious criminal penalties an individual may face if convicted of this serious criminal offense.

What the Prosecutor Must Prove

It is not enough to simply be arrested for or charged with a crime; the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the offense. In order to prove that someone is guilty of maintaining a drug house, the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. The individual had knowledge of the drug house,
  2. The individual did keep or maintain a drug house,
  3. A vehicle or building was frequently used in violation of the controlled substances laws in Michigan

The prosecutor does not have to prove that you owned the property or structure where the illegal drugs were kept or maintained. In fact, you do not have to own a drug house to be convicted of this criminal offense. As long as the prosecutor can prove that an individual maintained or kept the vehicle, home, or other building available for the use or selling of illegal drugs or substances over a continuous period of time, that individual may be found guilty. For example, if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you sold cocaine or marijuana on multiple occasions from a car or even a motel room, the prosecutor may have grounds to establish that you maintained the property.

Penalties for Maintaining a Drug House in Michigan

As we already mentioned, an individual may be ordered to pay up to $25,000 even if not charged with this offense. However, an individual who is charged with maintaining a drug house may be found guilty of what is known as a "high court misdemeanor," which is an offense that may result in up to 2 years in prison. Although termed as a misdemeanor, this offense is handled in the criminal justice system just as a felony offense case would be. Someone charged with this offense may face not only prison time, but also a fine of up to $25,000 in addition.

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