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Manufactured Controlled Substance in Michigan

Whether grown or made in a laboratory, narcotics and other controlled substances come from some sort of manufacturing process. Perhaps the most common example of a controlled substance manufacturing operation involves methamphetamine and homemade labs; however, Michigan is home to countless drug manufacturing operations involving nearly every type of controlled substance, from street drugs like marijuana and ecstasy to black market pharmaceuticals.

Michigan state law enforcement and federal agencies such as the DEA, FDA, and ATF are tasked with stopping controlled substance manufacturing in Michigan. When it comes to individuals caught manufacturing drugs, state and federal prosecution is swift, harsh, and unforgiving. In most cases, manufacturing a controlled substance will be treated as a felony with extensive imprisonment, hefty fines, and other lifelong consequences.

If you or a loved one has been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, call an experienced Michigan drug manufacturing attorney as soon as possible. At Grabel & Associates, we will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and build evidence with the goal of achieving a not guilty sentence or dropped charges. If the evidence is truly stacked against you, we will aggressively push for reduced or alternative sentencing.

Overview of Manufacturing Controlled Substances

Manufacturing a controlled substance without the proper permissions and documentation is a very serious crime in Michigan. According to Michigan Public Health Code 333.7401, “a person shall not manufacture, create, deliver, or possess with intent to manufacture, create, or deliver a controlled substance, a prescription form, or a counterfeit prescription form.”

From meth and ecstasy to pills and other controlled substances (as defined by the Controlled Substances Act), simply being involved in the manufacturing process is a violation of the state laws. Furthermore, it is important to note that the wording in these laws is purposely broad, giving state and federal prosecution the utmost ability to try and convict any individual suspected of taking part in a manufacturing operation.

For instance, Michigan Public Health Code 333.7401 blends together elements of possession, manufacturing, and intent to deliver. As such, law enforcement doesn’t actually need a finished controlled substance or narcotic to be able to arrest and convict an alleged offender; simply possessing the tools used to manufacture the drugs is, in some cases, enough to show intent.

Some examples of manufacturing charges may include:

  • Knowingly or intentionally selling the chemicals, chemical mixtures, components, or other equipment used to make illegal controlled substances.
  • Knowingly or intentionally cultivating the plants to create marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, or other controlled substances.
  • Having signs of methamphetamine manufacturing on your property.
  • Writing prescriptions for narcotics and controlled substances.
  • Purchasing large amounts of prescription drugs with the intent of manufacturing illicit narcotics (such as buying Pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine).

Penalties for Manufacturing Controlled Substances

Guilty convictions for a manufacturing charge can result in years behind bars and massive fines. Additionally, if federal agents were involved in the investigation or the arrest, you could be facing federal penalties (which present more severe charges such as mandatory minimums without the possibility of parole).

Some penalties for drug manufacturing charges can include:

Alleged OffensePotential ImprisonmentFines
Manufacturing less than 50 grams of a Schedule I or II drugUp to 20 yearsUp to $25,000
Manufacturing between 50 and 450 grams of a schedule I or II drugUp to 20 yearsUp to $250,000
Manufacturing between 450 and 1000 grams of a schedule I or II drugUp to 30 yearsUp to $500,000
Manufacturing more than 1,000 grams of a schedule I or II drugPossible life sentenceUp to $1,000,000 or more
Manufacturing a Schedule III drugUp to seven yearsUp to $10,000
Manufacturing a Schedule V drugUp to two yearsUp to $2,000
Cultivating fewer than 20 marijuana plants or less than 5 kg of marijuanaUp to four yearsUp to $20,000
Cultivating between 20 and 200 marijuana plants or between 4 and 45 kg of marijuanaUp to seven years$500,000
Cultivating 200 marijuana plants or over 45kg of marijuanaUp to 15 yearsUp to $10,000,000

It is important to note that these sentencing guidelines are not mandatory. Michigan judges will determine the length of imprisonment and other penalties based on the circumstances of the alleged crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and the defendant’s character, among other factors.

Contact the Leading Michigan Drug Crimes Attorneys at Grabel & Associates

Whether under investigation or under arrest for drug manufacturing, the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced and capable drug crimes attorney from Grabel & Associates. We boast years of experience in Michigan courts, and we have successfully represented many individuals charged with serious drug crimes.

We will make sure that your rights were not violated along every step of the prosecution’s investigation, and we will rigorously and adamantly challenge the prosecution’s narrative, witness testimonies, and evidence. Most importantly, our criminal defense team will work with you, one-on-one, to make sure that you’re informed along every step of the way.

For a free consultation with the manufacturing attorneys at Grabel & Associates today, call our Lansing MI law office at 1-800-342-7896. Don’t hesitate and protect your freedoms with Grabel & Associates.

With drug crime defense attorneys statewide, Grabel & Associates defends people throughout Michigan charged with possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, cultivation and illegal prescription drugs.

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